Compounding Disc
1、Self intellectual property, created by patent technology, produced by patent authorities, stopping fake products from the producing technology and the source of disc producing.

2、6-colore imprinting of high precession with no color difference on the plain of the disc, 300 line definition. It has the same color quality, same picture and imprinting technology with professional paper imprinting, totally breaking through the chock point of traditional disc plain imprinting technology, satisfying various needs which can not be met by traditional method, and the individuation demands of various clients(such as relief printing, gilding sliver foiling laminating )....

 Beijing YunCheng laser disc Co,. Ltd is the first disc manufacture corporation, a Sino-foreign contractual joint venture professional in read disc copy business, which is established in May 1993 under the authorities of National Express Publisher and former China foreign trade economic cooperation department. Its sponsor is International Culture Exchange audiovisual Publisher and its managing organization is China International Culture Exchange Center. Company has 7,000,000 USD (5,840,000,000 CHY) registered capital with total investment 1,200,000,000 USD (9,850,000,000CHY).
  Company has brought in advanced disc producing equipments, printing equipment and mother disc making equipments as well as quality testing facility from German, Japan, and Switzerland, Taiwan and other countries and regions. At present, company has one mother disc produce line...

 What is the difference between read only CD, DVD and writable CD、DVD?

AnswerThe former is pre-saved info, not changeable; the latter has no info, which can be written, some can erased and written many times. The former is easy to keep away with a rather longer time and it need to make mother disc firstly which is fit for bulk producing, if not, the latter will be more economic.

 Our company takes whole orientation to protect the business secrets and intellectual right of our clients. As for software, we have established an effective secrecy system, holding regular training about intellectual right consciousness for our staff; as for hardware, we are armed with advanced real time security and prevention monitoring system...

PRC Police Bureau for Disc Production Source Identification Centre』


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